storks 2 cast

storks 2 cast

Warner Bros. Pictures Celebrating 15 Years of Excellence and Ingenuity, Matilda 2: Revenge of the Trunchbull (2020 film),, Andy Samberg as Junior, a stork and one of the two main protagonists, Katie Crown as Tulip O'Connor, a human and one of the two main protagonists, Leighton Meester as Alexis, a female stork who is Junior's love interest and one of the two main deuteragonists, Henry Cavill as Dandelion Smith, Tulip's love interest and one of the two main deuteragonists, Danny Trejo as Jasper, a stork and the main tritagonist, Keegan-Michael Key as Alpha, a wolf who is the leader of the wolf pack, Jordan Peele as Beta, a wolf and Alpha's advisor, Stephen Kramer Glickman as Pigeon Toady, a pigeon who reforms at the end of the first movie, Samuel L. Jackson as Charlie, a stork and Jasper's partner, Idris Elba as Blackford, a stork and the main antagonist (replacing Hunter after his death), Zoe Saldana as Starchby, a stork who is Blackford's partner and the secondary antagonist, Grey DeLisle-Griffin as Nicole Smith, a news reporter of Stork Mountain, Anton Starkman as Nate Gardner, a 16-year-old boy who lives with his family, Ty Burrell as Henry Gardner, Nate's workaholic father, Jennifer Aniston as Sarah Gardner, Nate's supportive workaholic mother, Ava Acres as Diamond Destiny, Nate's adoptive 6-year-old sister, Nathan Mack as David Anderson, Nate's best friend. Alpha Wolf voiced by Keegan-Michael Key and 1 other . read synopsis.

A stork (Andy Samberg) and his human friend race against time to make their first baby drop. Release date(s) ), Re-Recording Mixer / sound designer / supervising sound editor, sound mixer: additional photography (uncredited), lighting technical director: Sony Pictures Imageworks, character effects technical director: Sony Imageworks, media & io coordinator: Sony Pictures Imageworks, support engineer: animal logic (as Jane Monroe), senior technical director: look development: SPI, visual effects coordinator: Sony Pictures Imageworks, senior character effects technical director: Sony Pictures Imageworks, visual effects: lighting technical director, visual effects artist (as Jason Williams), stereoscopic supervisor (as Katherine Rodtsbrooks), computer graphics supervisor: Sony Pictures Imageworks, lighting/compositing technical director: Sony Pictures Imageworks, visual effects systems engineer: Sony Imageworks, lighting & compositing: SPI (as Sarah M. Sweeney), associate production manager: Sony Pictures Imageworks Vancouver, senior effects technical director: Sony Pictures Imageworks, fx technical director: sony pictures imageworks, sr. digital artist: Sony Pictures Imageworks, fx technical director: Sony Pictures Imageworks, visual effects supervisor (as David A. Smith), senior lighting & compositing technical director: Sony Pictures Imageworks, character fx td: Sony Pictures Imageworks, editorial coordinator: Sony Pictures Imageworks (uncredited), senior animator: Sony Imageworks / senior animator: Sony Pictures Imageworks / senior animator: Sony Pictures, post production coordinator: electronic press kit, production coordinator: Sony Pictures Imageworks, Systems Engineer: Sony Pictures Imageworks, office production assistant (as Ally Liu). The running time for this film is 98 minutes. | After Junior and Alexis watch the sunset, Jasper and Charlie watch some television and go to bed along with Junior and Alexis. Tulip and Dandelion are captured by Blackford and Starchby while Pigeon Toady makes a news report on them getting captured, and while watching the news report, Junior and Alexis hatch a rescue plan to save them.

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