vizsla puppies washington

vizsla puppies washington

And we are selective about the homes we send them to as we raise our puppies like they were to remain with us in our home. If inherited health problems arise, 50% of the purchase price of the puppy will be refunded. Bill is an avid hunter and fisherman who has spent a large part of his life enjoying the outdoors. In addition to being “show dogs” they are our beloved family pets. The dame of this litter is Go Girls FuntoRun Babe. And their eyes generally match their coat after 12 weeks of age. if you'd like to be considered as a future puppy parent, All applications are reviewed and replied to within two days. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Adopt Vizsla Dogs in Washington. In pursuit of game birds. The puppy is guaranteed to be free of health problems, including inherited or genetic problems.

Our family started in the 4-H dog program in 1998 which naturally progressed to obtaining Whether for pet, hunting or show, we want each puppy to have a long, happy and healthy life with a loving family. we are honored to have been recognized by AKC as a Breeder of Merit. If a full registration is requested the following will be submitted; a statement from your vet declaring that the dog is healthy and a good representation of the breed, along with a copy of the OFA or PennHIPP certificate showing the hip rating of good or excellent. She was rescued alongside her litter of four and is a precious mom to her ... Ariel is the prettiest dog ever, is playful and obedient too!

Puppy Pictures. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. If a full registration is granted, an additional $1,000 will be paid to Lockwood – Eylar Vizsla’s prior to the completion of the full registration. price is ea. All our dogs are a part of our family. First deposit receives 2nd pick, 2nd deposit receiving 3rd pick, etc. We have had great success with our dogs in the show ring in recent years. We like to see puppies to to the new homes on their 49th day. She is so adorable! Loving the Vizslas came next as Cathy’s dog Violet came to live with them in Spokane. Call Tammy or Kelley today at 425-481-5646 or 509-750-5618. If you are serious about having a show puppy and are ready to put in the time, training and financial responsibility that goes along with that, please let us know right away so we can pick out a puppy … They sit on the couch to cheer on the Seahawks and Huskies  and they get to take turns sleeping on our beds.

Tails, dewclaws, de-worming at least twice and shots are included. It’s also free to list your available puppies and litters on our site. Recent Adoptions. This property is located between Duvall and Monroe Washington, overlooking the Snoqualmie River and Mount Pilchuck. There are 4boys and 3 girls. Remi x Ruger Litter - Five Week - all reserved Born 9/19/20 7 males, 3 females. In breeding our bitches, we have sought exceptional dogs, including four National Best in Specialty show dogs. She is medium energy level, is great with cats, dogs and kids. Filter. Growing up with puppies around was such an amazing experience and is excited to watch her own kids grow up with these regal dogs. Join millions of people using Oodle to find puppies for adoption, dog and puppy listings, and other pets adoption. The puppy is guaranteed to be free of health problems, including inherited or genetic problems. She is so adorable! There they can often play outside in the sun for hours – leaning useful things like sparring  with each other, digging in the sand, and playing in a small pool. The guarantee for the puppy’s general health is in effect for three days after delivery of the puppy, during which time it will be expected the puppy will be examined by a veterinary doctor to obtain a health clearance. A kind person picked him up and brought h... ****DONNA IS ADOPTED AND PENDING TRANSPORT**** NOTE: In many cases, these dogs are located in La Paz, BCS, Mexico in foster homes. Every parent hopes their child will follow in their footsteps and share their interests. She is very…. active members in several dog clubs. Our puppies tend to be more expensive than some, primarily because of the sires we select, the stud fees charged, and the expenses of raising a show quality litter. Our first litters produced field trial winners, at least one show champion and agility winners. Past Puppies Puppy Pictures. Located in the Sunny Okanogan Country in Eastern Washington, 90 miles north of Wenatchee on Hwy 97. I can’t tell you how much fun it is to have our daughter and her husband take an active part in helping place our fur babies with wonderful families. Our puppies travel in a crate in our vehicle at a young age to a vacation home on acreage on the Wenatchee River in Plain, Washington. A securely fenced yard is a must, as is the time, facilities and resources to provide for a puppy's needs.

and all recommended health tests are done, participating in local and national clubs, Billy, besides many other honors, was Best in Show at the Vizsla Club of America Nationals in 2017, and Kelby Creek puppies have won the prestigious award of Best Puppy in the Vizsla Club of America Puppy Sweepstakes four of the last nine years! If you have not received a reply, please check your spam or junk folders. Brad was first introduced to Vizslas in 2008 when he met the Lockwood family and he instantly fell in love with Cathy.

Copyright © 2005-2020, LLC. Cathy had this dog, Violet for 14 years. This is not our source of income, but rather a recreational passion. All Rights Reserved. We provide you with the paperwork Custom Officials will need to make your border crossing trouble free. If you would like to know  more about our Vizslas or Vizslas in general we are always Because of our commitment to the breed, titling dogs, ensuring all puppies are registered Brad enjoys hunting with the dogs and is dedicated to bettering the breed and has assisted in importing from Hungary and Italy. This is to ensure the puppy is placed in a suitable home and does not end up in a pound or in a home where it is not properly cared for. There they can often play outside in the sun for hours – leaning useful things like sparring with each other, digging in the sand, and playing in a small pool. In placing our Vizsla puppies, our goal is to find the very best homes for them that we possibly can. They will make great family companions for this who plan to make them part of the family. Steams border this property on two sides, hence the “Creek” in Kelby Creek. Vizsla Dogs and Puppies From Washington Breeders by, part of the, LLC group of websites. The name Blacktail Trail came from the many trails the blacktail deer have made on our property. Currently Available Vizsla Puppies For Sale Fantastic Vizsla Puppies NOW … We are She is about 40 lbs, super cute and nice with older children (she can knock down the little…, Animal Profile: Crickett is a 12-week-old Vizsla/Beagle mixture who just arrived from Texas with her litter mates via Project Freedom Ride. obedience, rally, agility and hunt tests, while being our loved daily companions Our puppies are expected to be exceptional family companions. A Sokoldalú Vizsla is one that has been bred for its Versatility with a focus on health and temperament.,,,,,,, Adopt Beatriz a Vizsla / Boxer / Mixed Dog in Seattle, WA (29404780), Adopt Beatriz a Vizsla / Boxer / Mixed Dog in Seattle, WA,, Their coat is a smooth, short golden rust color, and eyes blend to the color of the coat. If a full registration is granted, an additional $1,000 will be paid to Lockwood.

This attractive girl with long legs loves to run free to get her energy out. We have done our best to make sure your pup is free of genetic defects. This includes CFC, CAFC, NFC, AFC Kalcam's GoGirl, the winner of 7 National Championships. In addition to the show ring, we are active in obedience and rally events. The Vizsla puppies you've been waiting for Wagging Tails Kennels have had the top Vizslas in the Northwest Field Trial Counsel from 2000 – 2007.

In the event the puppy is not found to be in good health by the vet, it will be returned to the breeder and a full refund will be given. Since then our Vizslas have completed/earned titles or certificates in conformation, This attractive girl with long legs loves to run free to get her energy out. networks and often pick up the legs across our part of the state for all breeds of We have imported from Hungary & Italy to keep the lines healthy and to enhance the Breed.

We participate in several rescue transportation The Vizsla is a great field dog, both as a pointer and retriever. Remi x Ruger Litter - Five … The dame of this litter is Go Girls FuntoRun Babe. When introduced to water at a young age, most Vizslas enjoy water and are strong swimmers. Her Vizslas are a part of the family.

Meet Baker, a 7-year-old Visla Mixture. The puppy will not be replaced, as it is impractical for an owner to give up a dog after it has been part of their lives for two years. Heights range from 21 to 24 inches, weights from 40 to 65 pounds, with females slightly smaller than males.

Read Success Stories. Lockwood Vizslas is a family owned and operated with a great love of the wonderful gentle, intelligent and beautiful Vizsla. She is about 40 lbs, super cute and nice with older children (she can kno... Meet Baker, a 7-year-old Visla Mixture. Find Vizsla dogs and puppies from Washington breeders. Our lineage is eight generations going back to 1977 and includes several Vizsla Club of America top producing conformation dams, including the Top Producing Conformation Dam for 2013 (Rosie) and the 2019 Top Producing Conformation Dam (Cleo). C heck out the Puppy Info page for pricing and litter information. Vizslas respond well to training as long as methods reflect their sensitive, eager-to-please nature. Vizslas commonly live over 10 years. a sensitive, loving, loyal, affectionate companion, a versatile hunting partner that both points and retrieves, a breed with a clean, relatively odorless, low maintenance coat, you keep the dog primarily inside as a part of the family, you take time to train this high-energy dog or exercise it daily, you train with praise and rewards rather than negative reinforcement, you want a long lived healthy family friend, you plan to keep the dog outside in a kennel where it will be isolated from the family, you will not allow the dog in the same room as family, you do not have time to train the dog or exercise it daily, you plan to train the dog with negative or harsh reinforcement. Weather permitting, the puppies spend a good deal of supervised time playing outside with older dogs so that they learn appropriate pack behavior.

The puppies temperament becomes critical in accomplishing this goal so our breeding program strives to produce healthy, friendly, outgoing and happy puppies.

and hunting partners. Day-to-day you’ll still find Bill & Donita in Okanogan, working closely with the dogs; socializing puppies is way more fun than paperwork. Most well-socialized, well-exercised Vizslas are good with kids and the elderly.

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