Technics SU-R1


Technics SU-R1

Network Audio Control Player SU-R1

Minimizes noise and achieves maximum silence, building on digital source
reproduction technology and knowhow accumulated over many years.

R120,000.00 R99,599.00

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Digital Noise Isolation Architecture

The SU-R1 Network Audio Control Player receives audio signals from various digital content devices, such as NAS, PCs, USB memory devices and digital interfaces. Many of these digital content storage systems were originally designed for use with PCs, so low noise – which is required for pure audio reproduction – was never a main design concern. To handle these often noisy sources, the SU-R1 isolates the interfaces for these media to exclude external electrical interference, and also employs a jitter remover, thus offering clear and stable sound, free from noise and distortion.

Separated Analog/Digital Power Supply

Dedicated low-noise R-core transformers* with excellent regulation characteristics are used for the analog and digital circuits, and the power supply is further isolated to exclude any digital noise from the analog circuits. *R-core transformer is a trademark of Kitamura Kiden Co., Ltd.

Technics Music App
for Smartphones

The Technics Music App enables you to select a music source and playback equipment, and create playlists easily and comfortably on the screen of a tablet or smartphone. The Music App screen displays the music stored on a connected DLNA-compatible server, content stored on the device running the App, and music files on connected USB memory devices, giving you integrated playback control. Used with the SE-R1 or SU-C700, the Technics Music App not only allows you to control the volume and playback operations, but also lets you adjust the Bass, Mid and Treble levels.


Main Features

  • – Simple and Intuitive Menu
  • – DLNA Playback
  • – USB Memory Playback
  • – Multi Device Playlist Functions *1
  • – Bass / Mid / Treble Control on Technics Products *2

*1 Unable to include USB memory as multi device playlist.
*2 Will not function when using Bluetooth® as a music source.



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